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Wynn Construction Services is a Hollister based custom home builder that has earned a stellar reputation for building and remodeling homes with the highest levels of accountability, craftsmanship, and quality to the homeowner. Wynn Construction Services portfolio includes some of the most luxurious homes and hundreds of delighted homeowners in the Monterey Bay area, Silicon Valley and the San Francisco Bay Area. Wynn Construction Service’s homes combine the finest craftsmanship, the best architectural and design features along with the latest technological advances to create homes that will withstand the test of time. If you are looking to build a custom home, kitchen remodel, bathroom remodel or any home renovation project Wynn Construction Services is the contractor for you.

Committed To:

  • Exceeding customer satisfaction
  • On time and On Budget
  • Planned right the first time – “we hate change orders”
  • Dedicated to meeting the customer's needs
  • Serving Monterey, Santa Cruz, San Benito and Santa Clara Counties
  • Measure twice, cut once
  • Best of Hollister

Star Metal Buildings

Wynn Construction is a proud partner with Star Building Systems. Star Building Systems is a leading manufacturer of custom designed metal building systems for commercial, industrial, institutional and agricultural use.


For your consideration, the following are some of the testimonials that Wynn Construction has received over the past 20 years.

“Thank you for being a part of our sucess.” - Bill Lee, San Benito Shutter co., Inc.

Letter from San Benito Shutter - Feb 2007

...In particular, I wanted to thank you for all the support you provided. There were countless times that other tradesmen did not do their part on our project or in some way let us down. Whenever that happened, you picked up the pieces from them and never once whined or cried about doing so. I know
doing this cost you money, time, and energy on your part. I also know you did so, because you knew it was the "right" thing to do. I wanted you to know that this support did not go without notice. And, this is the reason I am writing you this letter.

Bill Lee, San Benito Shutter - Feb 22, 2007

Letter from Rock Springs Ranch - Feb 2007

...Over the past 20 years I have worked with Gordon on multiple projects and in many capacities. I have always been impressed by the quality of his work and his ability to keep track of the smallest details regardless of the complexity of the project or the number of projects he is working on. Gordon communicates well with clients, subcontractors, and county officials to efficiently realize your goals with quality work...

Kenneth L. Range, CEO Rocks Spring Ranch - Feb 2007
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